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Turning to Your Oral Surgeon After Facial Trauma

Posted on 11/30/2016 by Doctor Haigney
A woman suffering from a damaged tooth.
Facial trauma, or maxillofacial trauma, encompasses any injury to your face. These injuries can be caused by several incidences - car accidents, a fall, sports injuries - and can range in severity.

After any facial trauma, an oral surgeon is your best bet for proper healing.

Types of Injuries

Facial trauma includes a wide variety of injuries:

•  Lacerations to the face or inside the mouth.
•  Fractures to facial bones - cheeks, nose, eye sockets.
•  Jaw fractures.
•  Damaged or knocked out teeth.

Why an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is an expert in treating and repairing all injuries to any structures in and around your mouth. They are well versed in emergency care and reconstruction as well as rehabilitation. In fact, when a surgical team is called together in the emergency room, an oral surgeon is also brought in when there are injuries to the face.

Soft Tissue

Lacerations to soft tissue can often affect nerves and may even harm salivary glands and ducts. An oral surgeon can ensure the nerves are protected and that the glands and ducts are reconnected properly, as well as ensure the best cosmetic results.

Fractured bones need to be set. Fractured facial bones can't be set in the same way that an arm or a leg can. Wires or plates and screws need to be used. An oral surgeon knows how to properly set the bones and which option will help them heal best.

Your teeth can crack or even fall out completely when subjected to facial trauma. Fixing the supporting bone structures on which your teeth sit as well as replanting lost teeth are procedures that need an oral surgeon.

Injuries to your face requires the hand of an expert. If you are undergoing treatment for facial trauma, be sure to ask that there is an oral surgeon involved in your team.

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