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Why a Sinus Lift Makes Implants Easier

Posted on 2/28/2017 by Doctor Haigney
A diagram of how a dental implant works.
Dental implants are small titanium rods that your dentist surgically places into your jawbone. The implants are meant to support false teeth, and offer many benefits. One of the major benefits is that implants slow, or even stop, the bone loss that is associated with tooth loss.

However, sometimes your jaw may not be strong enough. Or, your sinuses may present a problem. In these instances, a sinus lift can make getting implants a lot easier.

What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift surgery (also referred to as a sinus augmentation), is a procedure in which bone mass is taken from somewhere else in your body (or from a donor) and placed in your upper jaw. The surgery gets its name because your sinus membrane needs to be lifted in order to make room.

After you receive anesthesia, the gums are cut open to expose the areas that need the extra bone mass. After it is placed, the gums are stitched closed and you are left to heal before you get your implants.

Adds Bone Mass

If you have suffered significant bone loss, your jaw may not be strong enough to support dental implants. If your jaw is too weak, the implants won't fuse properly and will fail. The sinus lift surgery adds back lost bone mass. As it heals, the donor bone and natural bone grow together, creating a stronger jaw. After it is fully healed, your jaw will be strong enough to support implants successfully.

Prevents Sinus Problems

If your sinuses are particularly low, close to your upper jaw, implants may cause some issues. If you were to have them placed, the end of the implant may pierce through the sinus cavity, exposing it to air and bacteria. As a result, you may begin to experience chronic sinus infections. A sinus lift surgery adds bone between your jaw and the sinus cavity, ensuring that the implant won't go through it.

Sinus lift surgery can make getting implants easier and greatly improve your chances for success. Contact our office to find out if the procedure is right for you.

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