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Can You Drink Cold Beverages in Lieu of Using Ice After Oral Surgery?

Posted on 4/17/2017 by Doctor Haigney
A woman drinking a cold glass of water.
Oral surgery is traumatic for your mouth. It hurts your gums, bones, and often teeth to some degree. Following trauma, it is common to have swelling. It was long believed that ice was the best way to keep that swelling down, but recently, it was found that ice had no real benefit after the initial 24 hours following surgery.

Some people didn't really even get much of a benefit during that 24-hour period, so what should they do? Sometimes thinking outside the box can help.

Drinking Cold Beverages Can Help, Sometimes

If ice isn't doing much good for you during that first 24 hours, you may want to try drinking a bit of cold water, or even slightly iced water. It can help bring a bit of relief to the sore tissues in your mouth, plus it has other sideline benefits. Water rinses your mouth out so the debris and leftover food isn't sitting on your teeth or sore tissues. Plus, water is also helping you stay hydrated.

The more cold water you drink, the better!
If water doesn't sit well with you, you can try other healthy options. However, you are going to be limited following oral surgery. Milk and most teas can be a great option, but most fruit juices need to be avoided. The same goes with coffee, carbonated beverages, and anything alcoholic, as those could hurt your mouth and deter healing.

Just remember, whatever beverages you choose to drink, make sure they are healthy and not being consumed through a straw. That can cause a lot of damage to your mouth while also removing clots from your surgical areas, causing your bleeding to restart. If you have any questions about your mouth following oral surgery, Contact our office directly.

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