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How Much Bleeding is Too Much Following Oral Surgery?

Posted on 6/15/2017 by Doctor Haigney
A man covering his mouth, because his gums are bleeding!
One thing that people tend to get a bit nervous about following oral surgery is their bleeding. Some expect it to be light, while others don't like the sight of it at all. Some bleeding after any type of oral surgery is normal, and should be expected.

However, there can be too much bleeding. If you aren't sure how much bleeding is too much, then it is important that you ask your oral surgeon while you are at their office. They will tell you the instances to be on the lookout for.

When to Worry About Bleeding

When you go home from oral surgery, chances are that you will have gauze in your mouth. That gauze is meant to help absorb blood. After a little bit of time, usually 20-30 minutes, you will need to replace that gauze. That should happen for an hour or two, then the bleeding should slow significantly for most patients.

If you get to where you are going through a new gauze pad every 5-10 minutes, this is a problem that you need to keep an eye on. If this goes on for 30 or more minutes, you should call your oral surgeon's office.

This could mean that your clot has become dislodged or that you had a stitch come loose. Either case would require you to keep pressure on the area again, and may require you to go back in and get checked out by your oral surgeon.

Bleeding is common and can sometimes get heavy. However, if you notice it increase significantly or start making you feel dizzy or weak, it is time to get help. If you cannot get to help safely, then call someone to get you there in a safe manner. That way, you can get checked out before anything goes awry following surgery.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your oral health.

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