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Can Wisdom Teeth Come In Too Early or Too Late?

Posted on 8/15/2017 by Doctor Haigney
 Wisdom Teeth Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery NC 28078Most wisdom teeth come in, or erupt into the mouth, right around the end of the teens or the first few years of the twenties. However, that is not when they always erupt. Some people have them come in a bit early or a bit late.

If you want a better idea when to expect your wisdom teeth, it is best to speak with your oral surgeon. They can take a look in your mouth, plus take some x-rays, and see just where your wisdom teeth are as they develop, and they can keep an eye on what direction they take as they come in.

Wisdom Teeth Can Pose Problems No Matter When They Erupt

There are problems that can come along with the eruption of your wisdom teeth, no matter when they show up. Some wisdom teeth come in perfectly and don't have any issues with the tissues of your mouth or your surrounding teeth, but this is more the exception than the rule.

Instead, most wisdom teeth come in oddly. They come in angled or pushing straight into a nearby tooth, not only causing discomfort, but also causing the shifting of your teeth.

If your wisdom teeth erupt early, the biggest issue you will likely face is the fact that these teeth are going to use up space other teeth will probably need. For example, if you get your wisdom teeth coming in early, it can make it to where your canines are unable to erupt properly or in their desired location.

If they come in late, you are more likely to face them coming in at odd angles. This can leave you facing pain and damage to the teeth in your mouth.

Don't be afraid to ask your oral surgeon about what options you have if you face early or late wisdom teeth eruption.

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