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How Can an Oral Surgeon Help When You Struggle with Ringing Ears?

Posted on 1/13/2018 by Doctor Haigney
Tinnitus Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery NC 28078The ringing sound in your ears is what is medically called as Tinnitus. In the United States alone, a sizeable portion of the population, around 10 to 15 percent, suffer from this unwanted ringing sound in the ears.

Around 50 million Americans can hear this hissing and even roaring sound suddenly and without warning.

This makes communication a lot harder and quality of life a lot lower. What aggravates this problem is that some do not look for treatment and just treat it as a nuisance that will just go away. Most of the time, the causes are deeper and more complex, and would even point to a far more sinister disease.

What are the Causes of This Ringing in the Ears

Tinnitus can be caused by dental problems and can, in fact, be caused by some dental procedures like having a dental drill or having an ultrasonic plaque removal can cause some periods of ringing sounds.

To remedy of even prevent such an aftereffect, you can ask the dentist to do the drills in short spurts instead of one long session. You can also ask the dentist to use a different method, like mechanical scaling process.

How Does an Oral Surgeon Come to Play?

The two main dental reasons why you may have tinnitus are due to the temporomandibular joint disorder and tooth abscesses or impacted teeth.

The clicking sound due to the temporomandibular joint disorder can cause the ringing in the ears and the teeth abscesses or impacted teeth also affects the structure of the jaw and affect the connection between the mouth and the ears. This is where an oral surgeon can help you, by treating the temporomandibular joint disorder and tooth abscesses or impacted teeth.

Give us a visit if you are having tinnitus. That unwanted ringing to the ears can sometimes be caused by dental problems, and we can help you have that normal hearing that you are longing for.

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