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How an Oral Biopsy is Performed?

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Doctor Haigney
How an Oral Biopsy is Performed?Hearing that you need an oral biopsy is scary. The reason that it is so scary is people don't know what happens during the procedure and what it is for.

Learning more about the procedure and how it is done is the best way to put your mind at ease. You will find out that it is not as bad as you first thought.

Why an Oral Biopsy

When we notice a lesion in the mouth, it is a sign of a possible problem. We can try to diagnose the cause of the lesion through a history and clinical findings, but that is not always enough. Some lesions that are the result of an infection, trauma or inflammation will resolve themselves.

If the lesions have lasted more than 2 weeks, it is time for some other method to determine the cause. The best way to get a definitive diagnosis and to come up with the best plan for treatment is through an oral biopsy of the tissue.

The Procedure
During a biopsy, we remove a small piece of tissue from the site of the affected area. This is done through a surgical procedure and is typically done with a local anesthetic. The removal of the tissue takes very little time and is painless. We then examine the tissue under a microscope to determine what, if anything, is wrong.

In some cases, the hole created from the tissue removal leaves a small hole that requires stitches. The good news is that the stitches will dissolve on their own and do not hurt. Most people will not experience any pain after the anesthetic wears off, but if there is over the counter pain medications will help. We will contact you to discuss the results and what it means. There is no need for a follow up visit if no problems were found with the biopsy.

A biopsy may sound like a scary procedure, but it is a very simple and painless procedure. If a person ignores the lesions, the problems created are often much worse than a simple biopsy.

Contact our office today to find out more about what we do and how we can help you maintain your oral health.
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