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Can You Keep TMJ Pain Under Control without Surgery?

Posted on 8/23/2018 by Doctor Haigney
Can You Keep TMJ Pain Under Control without Surgery?Many people live with the symptoms of TMJ pain without knowing they suffer from a dental condition. TMJ is frequently not understood by health professionals which could lead to a misdiagnosis or no diagnosis at all.

In general, when there is pain or discomfort in any area of the head or face, we can determine the cause. If you think you suffer from TMJ it is important to get the correct diagnosis because many of its symptoms are like those in other illnesses.

How to Treat TMJ Pain without Surgery

If you are diagnosed with TMJ or TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder), you can try some of these tips to manage your pain:

•  Relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation. Many experts believe that TMD is caused by stress and anxiety, so relaxing can help control the symptoms.
•  Consulting a chiropractor if the TMJ is caused by a misalignment of the spine, getting adjusted could solve the problem.
•  Using a mouth guard. Bruxism (the clenching or grinding of the teeth) could be causing your TMJ and using a mouth guard will relax the jaw at night.
•  Gently massaging the area of the jaw next to the ears can help manage the pain of TMJ.
•  Using over-the-counter medications. Using analgesics for pain control when needed helps with TMJ symptoms.
•  Acupuncture. This ancient technique is another good option to control pain and relax the entire body.

Surgery is usually for the most extreme cases of TMJ or TMD and in many instances, the symptoms will go away with pain management or orthodontic treatment, like braces. Problems with the jaw can take time to correct naturally and finding what works best may be a trial and error process for you. We can also suggest other ways you can keep your TMJ pain under control without surgery.

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