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Is a Cleft Lip Something You Must Treat?

Posted on 11/25/2018 by Doctor Haigney
Is a Cleft Lip Something You Must Treat?A cleft lip can impact people in different ways. The impact it has depends on the severity of the problem. For some people, it is nothing more than a minor nuisance. For others, it is a big problem. What many people may wonder is if it is always necessary to treat a cleft lip. They wonder what the options are available for treating this condition.

What is It?
Many people confuse a cleft lip and a cleft palate. Although they are similar, and a person can have both conditions, they are not exactly the same. Both conditions begin early in the pregnancy. When there is not enough tissue in the mouth or lip area, the cleft will form and the tissue will not connect properly.

A cleft lip is a physical split that happens in the upper lip. The size of the split and the exact location can vary. It can happen on one side of the lip or on both sides of the lip.

Deciding on Treatment

Getting treatment for a cleft lip depends on many things. A cleft lip is typically not a life-threatening condition. Some people may have problems drinking or eating food because of the cleft lip, but there are usually ways to get around that.

Because it is not life threatening, there is not an immediate need to treat a cleft lip. The main reason that people seek out treatment for a cleft lip is because of the appearance. Cosmetic surgery can repair the lip and improve the appearance of the individual. The treatment can also help if there are issues with drinking or eating.

Treatment for a cleft lip is something that is typically done at a young age. It helps a young child fit in with others. Because of the importance of looking like everyone else, many say that it is necessary to treat a cleft lip and they are partially correct. While it is not life threatening, a cleft lip can have a negative impact that can really hurt the person that suffers from it.

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