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How to Exercise Your Jaw to Minimize TMJ Pain

Posted on 12/25/2018 by Doctor Haigney
How to Exercise Your Jaw to Minimize TMJ PainThere are three keys to a healthy body. Eat the right foods, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. Even if you are struggling with a Temporomandibular joint disorder, that does not mean these things do not still apply. In fact, one way to lessen the pain that TMJ causes is by following the steps for a healthy body. The problem many have is knowing how to exercise their jaw. These are some of the exercises that minimize the impact of TMJ.

Different Types of Exercise

Exercising the jaw to relieve the pain from TMJ involves doing different things. It involves exercises that strengthen the jaw and exercises that relax the jaw. Some exercises can improve the mobility of the jaw and others can promote the healing of the jaw.

•  Relaxation - To relax the jaw muscles place your tongue on the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth. Relax the jaw muscles as you separate your teeth.
•  Fish Face - Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, one finger on the ear where the joint is found and one finger on your chin. Drop your jaw down halfway and then close it. This creates a mild resistance to help strengthen the jaw. A variation of this is to open the jaw up fully.
•  Chin Tuck - Pull your shoulders and back up and then pull your chin back. This should result in some resistance and a double chin. Hold the chin back for 3 seconds and then relax.
•  Side to side - Place a tongue depressor between your teeth and move them from side to side. Over time, you can increase the thickness of the object between your teeth.
•  Forward Movement - Like the side to side exercise, place a tongue depressor between your teeth and then move the teeth forward and back. Increase the thickness of the tongue depressor over time.

These and other jaw exercises can help with the pain from TMJ, but it is important to remember two things about any type of exercise. It is important to exercise regularly. It is also important not to overdo the exercise.
If you struggle with pain from TMJ or want to learn more about how to manage it, contact our office to schedule an appointment today.
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