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Best Drinks to Consume During Oral Surgery Recovery

Posted on 2/10/2019 by Doctor Haigney
Best Drinks to Consume During Oral Surgery RecoveryHealing after an oral surgery will take time. You will need to be careful, but you also need to eat and drink to keep your strength up. The right nourishment will help in the healing process, and some things could even help a small amount with the pain.

Here are some of the best things to drink while you are recovering from oral surgery. You might want to stock up on some before the surgery, so that you will have them ready once you need them.

Some Types of Juice

Juice can be great because it is packed with vitamins, which will give you some extra nutrition. Look for products that are 100 percent real fruit juice. You do not want fruit flavored drinks that are loaded with sugar. Apple, grape, prune, and cranberry juice are all good choices. Stay away from citrus juices like orange and grapefruit because they are high in acid. Also, stay away from alcohol.


Fruit smoothies are an excellent choice when you are healing from oral surgery. They could be cooling on your mouth, and they will also help to fill your stomach. Throw in some protein powder or silken tofu to add more substance to your smoothie.

Herbal Tea
You will want to avoid coffee and black tea while you are healing. A good replacement is herbal tea. It can be soothing, and it tastes good as well.

Soup is not normally considered a drink, but after oral surgery, you should treat it like one. Hearty soups such as those that are cream based or noodle soups will give you nutrition and fill you up. Keep an eye on the sodium level, it is higher than you might expect on many prepared brands.

When you have oral surgery, we will give you a list of other suggested beverages and foods that you will easily be able to eat. Follow the list, because the right choices will help you to heal faster.
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