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Reasons Why Impacted Teeth Typically Require Extraction

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Doctor Haigney
Reasons Why Impacted Teeth Typically Require ExtractionKids look forward to having their teeth fall out. Adults don't think the same way. They know that their adult teeth need to last a lifetime, so they do whatever they can to avoid losing any teeth. That makes it difficult for some to accept when they are told that their impacted teeth require extraction. These are the reasons behind this type of treatment.

At some point, usually during your teen years or early adulthood, your wisdom teeth begin to grow in. The hope that people have is that there is enough room for the new teeth and that they emerge through the skin without any problems. If this does not happen, an impacted tooth is the result. Even if the tooth does erupt through the skin, it is possible it has some damage or other problem. This can result in pain or infections that require medical intervention.

Reasons for Extraction

People may want to avoid extraction, but that is not always possible. These are some of the reasons why extraction is necessary for an impacted tooth.

•  Tooth decay - There are times when the tooth suffers decay before it becomes impacted. The diseased tooth will cause pain and can lead to issues with other teeth. It is best to remove the diseased tooth.
•  Not enough space - Some people may not have enough space in their mouth for the tooth to fit in. The tooth will end up pushing and damaging other teeth if it continues to erupt.
•  Full bony impaction - This is when no part of the tooth can break through the skin. The result is pain and discomfort. Removing the tooth is the best option in this case.
•  Partial bony impaction - Even if part of the tooth erupts, some of the tooth may struggle to break through the skin. Pain, infection and other problems can result. Removing the tooth is the best way to resolve this issue.

The thought of a tooth extraction is not pleasant, but the problems created when you ignore an impacted tooth is usually worse. It is best to take care of a problem before it gets worse.

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