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You Have Several Sedation Options for Major Oral Surgery

Posted on 6/10/2019 by Doctor Haigney
You Have Several Sedation Options for Major Oral SurgeryPeople worry that when they come into their office, anything we do will involve pain. The fear of the pain, the look of the office and the sounds of a drill cause many to avoid the dental help they really need. If the need is for major oral surgery, delaying it because of the fear can lead to more problems. Fortunately, there are sedation options available to help people overcome the fear of major oral surgery.

Explaining Sedation Options

There are many different ways to help a person relax before they undergo major oral surgery. Making a person as comfortable as possible before the procedure involves the environment where the surgery is done, the people involved in the procedure and giving a person the information they need about what will happen. The more relaxed a person is, the better any sedation will work.

Three Types of Sedation

There are three levels of sedation that a person can use for an oral surgery. Oral medications, gas and IV medications are the most common forms of sedation used. Oral medications are pills that put a person into a light state of consciousness. They include drugs such as Valium and Versed. The amount of time that they last depend on the drugs used, the dosage of the drugs and the individual taking them. Some people also suffer from amnesia as a result of this type of sedation.

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is often referred to as laughing gas. It provides both a sense of euphoria and is also a pain killer. It is not usually a deep sedation and it wears off faster than other types of sedation. Nitrous oxide is often used in connection with other types of sedation, including injectable pain medications.

The last type of sedation is IV medications. This is a general anesthesia that puts you into a deep state of unconsciousness. It carries the most risks when it comes to sedation for oral surgery, but is the most effective and longest lasting type of sedation.

Sedation dentistry has come a long way. It is much easier to undergo oral surgery thanks to the use and the advances in sedation dentistry. What was a painful experience is now something that people can undergo without the pain or discomfort?

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