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Ways of Treating an Underbite

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Doctor Haigney
Ways of Treating an UnderbiteAn underbite is a condition where the lower extend out further than the upper teeth. The severity of the underbite varies from one person to another. There are also different causes for the underbite.

Some people choose to live with their underbite. Others want to do something about it. To fix an underbite, you need to know what the different options are.

Causes and Problems of an Underbite

To find a way to treat an underbite, it is best to understand what causes it and what problems can result from the underbite. The underbite is usually something that happens at birth. The jaw is out of alignment when you are born until you do something to correct it. While the severity of the underbite will vary, there are still many problems that people can face because of the underbite. The problems include difficult chewing, problems with speech, pain from TMJ, and tooth decay from excessive wear on the teeth.

Treating an Underbite

When it comes to treating an underbite, the earlier age the treatment starts, the better the results. Two types of devices are typically used to treat an underbite. The first device is an upper jaw expander. This device is put into place across the palate. A key is used every night to slightly widen the device. This continues until the lower teeth align properly with the upper teeth.

The second device is the reverse pull face mask. This is a head gear set that helps pull the upper jaw into the proper position. Neither of these types of treatment are ideal which is why many are turning to a cosmetic procedure called facelift dentistry. This procedure helps reshape the teeth, so they are properly aligned.

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