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Cheek Implants (Malarplasties)

One of these Huntersville oral surgeon patients benefitted from cheek implants. Can you guess which one?Cheek implants are one of the newest ways that our patients are enhancing their faces and increasing their youth and beauty. It’s a highly popular procedure and something that we recommend quite often. The procedure itself is minimally invasive and has very good results. If you are looking to take on a younger appearance, enhance your cheek bones, or reduce your need for a face lift, you can accomplish all those goals with a pair of well-designed cheek implants.

Enhanced Cheek Bones

Many people desire more defined cheekbones, or they want to get lost definition back as they age. That’s exactly what cheek implants are good for. When cheek implants are put into a patient’s face, they help to create that lost definition and can change the overall structure of the face nicely. We treat many patients by adding cheek implants to their face, and we’ve had very good results with them.

Improved Facial Structure without the Lift

Many men and women are turning to cheek implants to improve the look of their entire faces. That’s because one of the main areas that is affected by aging is the cheek area. As we age, the fat deposits that make up the cheeks begin to sag and the bones themselves often diminish in size, which is a pretty serious issue aesthetically.

Adding cheek implants to your face can help you achieve the facial structure that you’re looking for while also lifting up the rest of the face. Many of our patients are so happy with their cheek implants that they are deciding against going with additional facelift procedures, or they are putting them off for longer because they are happy with their current look.

Computer Designed Implants

In order to get the best possible implants for your face, we take a detailed scan of your facial structure and then rely on a computer program to create realistic looking implants. This gives the implants a much more natural look and gives us more control over the final result. If you are concerned with cheek implants looking unnatural, rest assured that this is rarely an issue these days. When you come to an advanced office like ours, you’ll receive a set of implants that will look like they were always a part of your face.

Placing the Implants

In order to put the implants into place within the cheek region of the face, we go in through the wall of the mouth and place the implants below the facial muscles. This helps to give them a highly natural look while also doing away with the issue of any facial scarring. Patients enjoy top-quality results after undergoing the surgery, and they usually end up with the look that they were going for.

We pride ourselves in precision work and strive to ensure that every patient is highly satisfied. Come in and see us to find out just what cheek implants can do for you.
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