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Chin Implants (Genioplasty)

This Huntersville woman has a chin implant and she looks great.Many people today have a chin that they aren’t thrilled with. This issue can be cured with a simple implant facial procedure, and it’s something that we do on a regular basis with good results. Here at Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery, we always evaluate our patients and recommend the optimal treatment plan for different facial issues. Our goal is always to help you achieve the face that you want and to help you be as happy as possible with your final results.

Create a Balanced Face

Many people are unhappy with the way that their face looks, and the chin could be part of the problem. For many people, the chin simply is not defined enough or balanced enough with the rest of their facial features. We can analyze your overall facial structure and figure out how to enhance your chin to improve the overall balance of your face. We’ll also consider other options like cheek implants or a facial lift and how those procedures will adjust the overall look of your face. At Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery, we consider all the possible options that you have, and only recommend the ones that we believe will help solve your problem the best way possible.

Improved Overall Structure

A chin implant is useful for balancing out the face and creating a more symmetrical structure overall. If you feel like you have a larger forehead or an undersized chin, the proper implant can help improve your overall look. Many of our patients are happy with the results from a well-placed chin implant, but we always approach the procedure carefully to be sure we are creating the look that they really want.

Considering an Anatomic or Square Implant

We offer different shaped implants, but most of our patients either go with an anatomical, which is a more rounded implant, or a squared implant. The option that is best for you depends on your facial goals and the structure of your face currently. During a consultation at our office, we’ll go over the available options and offer our opinion about the best possible options available for your needs.

Fix Damage from a Serious Injury

Chin implants aren’t always used to fix a naturally unbalanced face or the signs of aging. There are also instances where a severe injury changes the face, and only an implant is capable of resolving the issue. If you or a loved one suffered from a facial injury that altered the chin, we will be happy to sit down for an evaluation and discuss possible options to resolve the issue, creating a result that everyone is happy with.

The Recovery Period

There is a recovery period after a chin implant procedure, and you should expect to take a bit of time off of work. Most of our patients end up staying out of work between 3 and 5 days after going through the procedure. There is also an eight-week period where it’s important that no physical contact happens with your chin. Avoid all contact sports during this period, and take care of your new implant.
If you want to make improvements to your facial structure or you have a chin that you just aren’t pleased with, we encourage you to come in to Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery and have a consultation with us. We can discuss your options and help you come up with the one that you will be happy with.
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