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Platelet Rich Plasma

A Huntersville oral surgery patient who benefitted from Platelet Rishc Plasma.Platelet-rich plasma is an effective solution used regularly to treat a number of joint issues in people around the world. It’s a substance that we rely on occasionally at Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery, and it’s something that we are comfortable recommending to our patients as well. We sometimes use the substance to treat our patients suffering from TMJ, and it’s a treatment method that you should take the time to learn about.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is blood plasma that contains an enhanced number of blood platelets. This is important because blood platelets work to repair different areas of the body, and having more of them in a given area can help reduce recovery time for specific injuries.

Why is It Valuable?

PRP is highly valuable because it’s a repair tool that works well in joints all over the body. The substance works particularly well for speeding up recovery in inflamed or sprained joints. The platelets in the plasma get to work recovering the area, and they can help shave weeks off long recovery periods. That’s why so many athletes rely on this substance and why many offices around the world, including our own, are stocking up on it to have available for joint-related problems.

Can it Treat TMD?

Recent studies show that platelet-rich plasma could potentially treat TMD when injected right into the jaw joint. This solution works by helping to loosen up the area and restoring function to it as well. It makes sense that this sort of treatment would work on the joint in the jaw since it’s regularly used to treat elbow joint issues that professional tennis players suffer from.

If you are suffering from TMD, it’s possible that we can at least reduce your issues with platelet-rich plasma. Visit our office to find out what options we have available for you and how you can be treated effectively. We’ll explain the procedure to you and also explain potential alternatives to the treatment that offer decent results.

Speeding Up Recovery Time

When you have surgery for TMD, there is a long recovery period involved, especially if you have one of the more serious surgery types. In these instances, it may be beneficial to inject PRP into the recovery site after surgery. This substance could aid in recovery and reduce your recovery period dramatically. This is another way that we occasionally utilize PRP in our practice, and it does help patients get better and start using their jaw more effectively once again.

If you are suffering from TMD and you come into our office, PRP may be one of the solutions that we suggest to you. Just know that it’s one of the least invasive methods of treating the issue, and it has been shown to have a positive effect on the health of joints. PRP won’t resolve TMD like a surgical procedure would, but many patients find enough relief from it to be thankful that they went through with it.
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