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All on 6 vs All on 4 Dental Implants?

All-On-4 vs All-On-6 Dental Implants: Which Procedure is Right for You?

If you are missing numerous teeth and starting to consider dental implants as a tooth replacement option, the All-On-4 and All-On-6 procedures may be a good solution to meet your needs. While these treatments are similar in nature and work to achieve the same results, there are some key differences which we will review below.

The Basics

The All-On-4 and All-On-6 procedures are used to help people who have lost most or all of their teeth. These treatments use dental implants which are surgically placed in your jaw to support fixed or removable dentures. The procedures are able to maintain your jaw’s structural integrity and prevent additional bone loss.

Both procedures are usually complete in about two to three hours. Patients will usually be put under a general anesthesia during surgery.

In both treatment options, the implants fuse to the jaw giving you a strong and secure bite. The name “All On” is used because the denture attaches to four or six implants. The procedures allow attachment using a few implants rather than requiring an implant for each tooth which can be time consuming and expensive.

Historically, replacing an entire set of teeth required far more implants, may have included bone grafting and could take nearly six months of healing before your mouth was ready for the dentures. Using the “All On” approach requires less healing time since there are fewer implants. In addition, the temporary dentures can usually be installed the same day and the permanent dentures are usually ready in about three months.

The Difference

The most obvious difference between the All-On-4 and All-On-6 dental implant procedures is the number of implants used. Similar to their names, the All-On-4 process uses four implants while the All-On-6 uses six implants. There are more differences which should be considered. Many dental practices choose which procedure they offer based on their personal clinical opinions and practices.

Our dentists and oral surgeons suggest using the All-On-6 procedure as it provides patients with better strength and stability. This added strength results in in a more comfortable wear and a longer lasting smile. Every time you chew or bite down, it is critical that the pressure is evenly distributed throughout your implants and to your jaw. Because of the location and strategic placement of the two additional implants, they provide patients with a substantially more strength and stability.

The additional implants don’t just provide more support for your bite, they also provide more strength for your jaw. When teeth fall out or are removed due to infection and decay, the jawbone begins to break down resulting in bone loss. As a result, people who wear dentures for extended periods of time often look significantly older and their jaw appears to be sunken in when their dentures are removed. Dental implants work to stimulate and preserve the jawbone, which help keep it strong. The All-On-6 approach provides additional jawbone stimulation and improved strength.

Both the All-On-4 and the All-On-6 dental implants are great permanent solutions for people who experience tooth loss and want to restore their beautiful smile. The adjustment and recovery time are minimal and the outcome of having improved confidence in your smile make the process well worth your efforts.

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