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9727 Northcross Center Ct. Huntersville, NC 28078 (704) 987-3132

Your First Visit

Whether you're coming in for a plastic surgery consultation or for a medical procedure, at Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery your first visit is a very important one. This is a time for you to become familiar with our staff members, learn what it's like to be a valued patient of our office, and for us to begin figuring out how to improve your life in some way. We'l have a brief consultation with you on the first visit and likely begin planning for future appointments based on your needs.

The initial Consultation

During your first visit at our office you'll enjoy a consultation with one of our skilled professionals. You'll talk in detail about your interests or problems that need resolving. We’ll do some evaluation work on you and figure out what your options are. This first meeting will be a casual one, and it is a chance for us to get to know one another so that we can start working to resolve your problems for you.


There will be some initial paperwork that you'll have to complete when visiting our office for the first time. This is an important step in helping us to get to know you better and an important way for you to become a regular patient at our office. It's important to show up to your first appointment a bit early to give you enough time to go through your paperwork and get ready for our initial visit. Nobody likes going through paperwork, but doing so will help us get started helping you with your concerns immediately.

Planning for the Future

Many of our patients happily report that the first visit to our office is one of the most exciting ones they've ever had. No matter why they are in the office that first visit is an opportunity to begin resolving any problems they have. We'll talk in great depth about any problems that you have and how we can provide you with solutions for them. We'll begin creating a treatment plan, and at the end of your first visit, you'll likely leave with a rough plan in your head and probably a timeline for the plan as well. It's a moment of clarity and a chance to go from just knowing that you have a problem you need to take care of to having a problem that you know is going to be solved in the future.

We love taking on new patients and encourage anyone suffering from facial or serious dental problems to give our office a visit. We specialize in dealing with the facial muscles, jaw related problems, and special oral and plastic surgery procedures. If you aren't sure about whether or not we can help you with your problem, please give our office a call at (704) 255-5888 to talk with one of our staff members, or visit us in person at our office in Huntersville to learn more.