Can You Get Veneers with Missing Teeth?

These days dental veneers are very fashionable. There are many who wish to have a Hollywood smile or just straight teeth. However, few people know the difference between ceramic veneers and ceramic crowns. The major difference is that veneers will not replace missing teeth the way a crown can because by their nature, veneers go over an existing tooth and must have a tooth to which to be attached.

Do you have to cut the tooth for the veneer?

Many people insist on having veneers because they think that for crowns it is necessary to cut the teeth, however to have veneers they can avoid this procedure. It is true that for crowns dentists must cut the teeth in the round, the thickness of the cut substance is about 1 mm. Before the installation of the ceramic veneers, it is necessary to cut the front surface of the teeth, but the thickness of the cut substance is almost the same so 1 mm approximately. There are also veneers that can be placed without trimming the teeth, however you should know that they can only be used in the case where the teeth are perfectly healthy and aligned and you do not have to correct their color too much.

Do you have to devitalize the tooth on which the veneer or the crown is placed?

Dental crowns can be scary for most patients because they think the tooth needs to be devitalized, but this is not true. Depending on your case, the remaining tooth might not have to be ground down in order to place a crown or veneer.

When does the dentist advise the veneer and when the crown?

When someone hesitates between the facet and the crown it is clear that they want to have a beautiful smile. We recommend the installation of veneers if the front teeth are in good condition (are not devitalized, there is no large filling) and they are more or less aligned. If the teeth are too badly positioned, we recommend the installation of dental crowns. When it comes to damaged teeth, already devitalized, we always recommend dental crowns. If someone grinds or pushes the teeth, crowns are placed on the canines because due to the grinding they can become damaged, so a crown is shown, a more durable solution than veneers. We often get asked the question if it is possible to put a veneer on an old crown, but the answer is no. The veneers are glued only on the proper teeth.

What is the more sustainable solution? The facet or the crown?

Crowns and veneers are durable in various ways. For example neither of them will fade and you can eat anything without restrictions as with the original teeth. However, the veneers stick to the teeth on a smaller part so theoretically there is a greater chance that they will fall out. In terms of cleaning veneers and crowns, they behave like real teeth: dentists suggest the use of a toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste.

Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth