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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

There are many expenses involved with getting huntersville dental implants so it is good to be informed and prepared. Keep in mind that while there may be significant expenses now, implants tend to last much longer than other restorative treatments. Bridges or dentures will need to be replaced every decade or so but an implant can last you a lifetime.

Where you live can play a role in the cost of your implant procedure. A person living in a metropolitan area can expect to pay more than a person living in a rural area. The type and brand of implant used is another factor to consider. Your dentist can tell you what type they use and you can decide if that will work for you. If you would prefer a different type, speak with your dentist to see if they think that is appropriate.

Overall, the cost of an implant can range from $3000 to $6000 for the procedure to place the implant, the implant itself, and the abutment and crown that are placed on the implant. If you require extraction surgery, that will add more to your cost. Another possible additional cost will come if there is not enough healthy bone structure, in this case, you will need a bone graft.

Payment Options

  • Dental Insurance: Dental insurance is not likely to cover the cost of your implant but they may cover the restoration of the implant, being the abutment and crown. If you lost a tooth due to disease or an accident, your medical health insurance may be able to cover some of the costs. Make sure you have looked into both insurance policies to see what they will cover and what information they will need to make their determination.
  • Dental Discount Plans: This is an option that may be accepted by some dentists. A dental discount program can offer up to 40 percent savings for dental treatments. If this is something that would help you, look into the program and make sure your dentist accepts it. There may also be a waiting period before you are able to take advantage of the discount so factor that into your surgery schedule.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Some employers offer flex spending to their employees with a set amount that can be used each month or each year. You may be able to spread out your treatment over the course of a few months, enabling you to use your flex spending for those months. If you have an annual cap, you might consider having the implant placed at the end of the year and having it restored with the abutment and crown at the beginning of the next year so that you are able to use the flex spending benefits for two years.

Your dentist may offer in house financing which can help greatly. Discuss payment options with your dental office to determine which plan is best for you. This is an investment in your health so it is important to take care of your new implant so that it can last a lifetime.

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