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Facelift Procedure

Facelift surgery at lake norman oral surgery helps to lift and firm sagging facial tissues. The goal of the procedure is to restore a more youthful appearance. Through the removal of excess, sagging skin, smoothing deep folds and lifting the deep facial tissues, facelift surgery can significantly improve a patient’s appearance.

With age, the skin begins to lose elasticity and the facial tissues begin to lose volume. This can eventually result in jowls on the lower face, deep wrinkles and loose skin around the neck. While this is a natural part of aging, patients who experience these signs of aging sometimes find that a facelift is a good solution. The following may suggest that you are a good candidate for considering a facelift:

  • Feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your face & neck from sagging skin
  • Wearing turtlenecks and scarves in order to hide your aging neck
  • Feeling that your face appears significantly older than you feel
  • Feeling that your aging appearance is negatively affecting your career or relationships

Following a facelift, patients often experience an improvement in their self-confidence as their appearance more accurately portrays how they feel.

Types of Facelifts

Facelift surgery is customized to each individual patient’s needs. The cosmetic surgeon will adjust their techniques accordingly.


Patients who have a small degree of jowling or sagging skin can be good candidates for a mini-facelift. This procedure is less-invasive and the technique allows a cosmetic surgeon to tighten deep facial tissues through shorter and smaller incisions. The incisions are typically located along the hairline and in the natural creases around the ear. Through these incisions, the structural tissues near the cheeks are lifted and tightened, which corrects the appearance of jowls, refines the jawline, and rejuvenates the face.

A mini-facelift can also be performed using a local anesthesia with sedation or a general anesthesia. The surgeon will determine the best option based on your needs and the surgery. A mini-facelift can help to improve the signs of aging before they are overly pronounced. This helps to postpone the need for a more invasive surgery.

Standard Facelift

A standard or traditional facelift addresses moderate to advanced signs of aging around the face and neck. A traditional facelift is more extensive and therefore requires more recovery time. In addition, the procedure can achieve more dramatic results. The surgeon will use incisions which are just behind the hairline and around the ears to reposition the deeper tissues beneath the skin and remove excess skin. This helps smooth creases, eliminates jowls and removes sagging skin under the chin. The result is a more youthful and natural contour of the face and neck.

The specific technique used by the cosmetic surgeon during a facelift depends various factors. This can include the patient’s anatomy, goals, the extent of the surgery, and if another procedure is being performed along with the facelift. Facelifts are usually performed using a general anesthesia. However, local anesthesia with sedation can be used in cases with are less extensive.

Following the initial incisions, the skin is separated from the underlying connective tissue and muscles. This gives the cosmetic surgeon the ability to reposition the deeper facial tissues, and eliminate the jowls. Ultimately, the surgeon is able to create a more firm foundation. Excess skin is then removed, and the remaining skin is gently laid back down over the newly rejuvenated facial tissues. The result is a smooth, rejuvenated and more youthful face.

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