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What are Alternatives to Gum Grafting?

Having an aesthetically pleasing smile is important to most people, it is also important to have a healthy smile! Gum recession is a very real issue that many patients experience. One of the most common treatments for gum recession is a gum graft. Here we will explore some of the other options that you may consider before deciding on gum graft surgery.

Gum Recession and Gum Grafting Treatment

Some common reasons people experience gum recession include periodontal disease and poor oral hygiene, smoking, medical issues, certain medications, and even genetics. Aggressive brushing can also cause the gums to recede.

Gum recession exposes the root of the tooth and can lead to extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Recession can easily lead to loss of job bone structure and eventually tooth loss.

Gum graft charlotte nc or a great way to correct the problem of receding gums. During gum graft treatment, your dentist or periodontist will harvest a small piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth or may even use cadaver tissue that has been harvested and frozen. The tissue is then stitched over the affected area and allowed to heal and integrate to cover the root. Grafts can be completed on one tooth or multiple teeth, even the entire gum line if necessary.

While recovery from gum graft surgery is not painless, your doctor will provide you with specific post-operative care instructions and pain management medications to ensure a quick recovery so that you can get back to your normal routines and eating habits as quickly as possible.

If you have a mild case of gum recession, you may be able to discuss some of the alternatives listed below with your dentist.

Scaling and Root Planing

A scaling and root planing treatment may also be referred to as a deep cleaning. During this treatment, you will be numb so that the hygienist can clean all of the plaque and build up from the gum pockets between your gum tissue and tooth surface. Your hygienist will clean well below the gum line so the anesthetic is necessary to avoid any discomfort for the patient.

Once the pockets are clean and clear of infection, they will heal closer to the tooth surface and cover any previously exposed root surface. Scaling and root planing is a great first step!

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a simple procedure that utilizes either a scalpel or a soft tissue laser to reshape the gum tissue so that it can heal in a better position. A local anesthetic is applied before treatment. Once your gum tissue has been re-shaped, the tissue will heal more uniformly and pockets between the gum tissue and the teeth will be shallower, keeping plaque and bacteria at bay.

Gum Regeneration

Regeneration is reserved for more extreme cases of periodontal disease that have led to bone damage. To encourage bone and gum regeneration, your doctor will pull back a section of gum tissue and place a bone graft or other regenerative material into the area. Once the material has integrated with your natural bone structure, new gum tissue can be secured to the area.

If you do not believe that you are a candidate for gum grafts, speak with your dentist about these alternatives and the two of you can decide if one might be right for you.

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