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How Long Do Cheek Implants Last?

Some surgeons tell their patients that huntersville cheek implants are not a good solution because they are ineffective or they cause issues with the bone or they often have to be removed. Many of the common problems associated with cheek implants are related to the surgeon’s technique which result in failure of the implant. Below are some of the common issues associated with cheek implants.

  • Incorrect Diagnosis: For successful implants, the surgeon must first make a correct diagnosis and use the proper configuration of implant. For example, placing a submalar implant in a patient with a later malar deficiency may not look natural. It is critical that the surgeon understands the different midface deficiency patterns and understands the correct style and size to use the correct implant. It is also important for the patient to have good oral hygiene without the presence of dental or periodontal disease. While implants can be placed in patients who smoker, they have an increased rate for complications.
  • Realistic Patient Expectations: Cheek implants can have a positive impact on facial rejuvenation, however, they are not suitable for all patients. Some patients who have fuller faces expect implants to give them a more defined appearance, but this will not be the result. Patients may also have severe facial wasting and expect that implants will fill out their entire face. Lastly, patients may expect cheek implants to lift the jowls and lower face, which also won’t happen. It is vital for patients to have realistic expectations.
  • Implant Material: There are a variety of materials available for check implants. The optimal material to use is silicone for the many advantages it offers. It is biocompatible, can easily bend to the contours of the facial structure, can be easily penetrated with fixation screws and is easy to trim. One of the most important qualities is the ease in removing silicone. While cheek implants rarely need to be removed, in the event it become necessary, silicone implants can be removed in a matter of seconds. Plastic and polyethylene are not nearly as forgiving. They are not bendable, they can fragment and be difficult or even impossible to remove. Additionally, they can damage the surrounding tissues which can tear or detach from being ingrown to the implant.
  • Floating Implants: All implants should be secured to the underlying bone using micro fixation screws. It is possible to have a successful implant which is not screwed in, but it is common for implants to fail after they migrate after not being fixed to the bone. Cheek implants can move due to the powerful facial muscles. It is also possible for them to move, which is especially common immediately following the surgery. When implants are fixated with micro screws, they are unable to migrate. There is an increased risk for bone resorption with implants which are not fixed. Moving the face throughout the day can produce micro movements to non-fixated implants which can cause the underlying bone to dissolve. When a non-fixated implant gets infected, it must be removed. Implants which are screw fixated can often be salvaged using antibiotics.
  • Incorrect Placement: The surgeon must truly understand the midfacial anatomy, biomaterials and have good surgical skills for successful cheek implants. Proper placement of the implant requires close observation to natural landmarks on the face. The implant should be placed in a way that follows the natural contours of the face and gives symmetry.

Screw fixated implants can last an entire lifetime. If needed, they can be removed in about 10 minutes or modified in about 25 minutes. Silicone facial implants are ideal to use for cosmetic facial surgery. Cheek implants are simple, customized, effective, permanent and reversible treatment option for improving your facial appearance.

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