How Long Do Implant Retained Dentures Last?

Implant Retained Dentures

Often called “snap-on” or “clip-on” dentures, implant-retained dentures can definitely greatly improve the functionality of dentures. By using a few well-placed implants, implant-retained dentures can secure loose dentures, and can make a big difference for people with eating, speaking and confidence issues. Luckily, with implant-retained dentures, which are considered to be very secure, people can expect to be able to eat most things. And, the likeliness of the dentures slipping is greatly reduced with these implant-retained dentures, which can really help people speak more comfortably and confidently.

How long does implant-retained denture treatment take?

For lower implant-retained denture treatments the implant procedure usually takes about 4 months from start to finish, and for the upper retained-denture treatment it often takes around 7 months for the treatment from start to finish. The bone has to actually fuse onto the denture implants and this is what can take considerable time. While that process is happening you can expect to use a temporary (or existing) denture. Once these snap-on dentures are fully functioning you should expect to be able to eat most things, though there might be some things that aren’t possible. However, since they are actually still removable, there will be some movement from these kinds of dentures, so this is still a consideration for some people. There are options for fully fixed dentures that are worth exploring, too, and lots of information is available. It is important to research your options and consult with your dentist to make the right choice.

How Long Do Implant Retained Dentures Last?

The implant part of implant-retained dentures are usually expected to last for at least 15 years; and can last longer depending on the condition of the overall oral health of the person, and the care given to the implant-retained dentures themselves. They do occasionally fail to last that long and information is available about possible causes of implant failure. The denture part of the implants-retrained dentures typically last about 7 years before signs of wearing and/or staining might appear.

On-going Costs

For proper care of implants a visit to the hygienist once every 6 months (at least) is recommended. This will keep the implants clean, as well as free of disease. There are little nylon rings that are used to hold the implant-retained dentures in place by gripping the implants, and these rings can wear out over time, and so will need occasional replacement. Depending on a person’s preference for how tight they prefer to keep this grip/tension, replacement can be expected anywhere from 4 months to 1-2 years. It is recommended to replace these little nylon rings at least once every 5 years at the very least. So, for a sense of ongoing costs, it is important to get an estimate of what this replacement will cost, depending on your dentist, location and insurance coverage.

Implant Retained vs Traditional Dentures