How Long Do Locator Abutments Last?

If you are requiring replacement of all your teeth in the upper or lower arch of your mouth, a locator-retained overdenture secured by dental implants is an excellent solution.

Implant supported overdentures have been used in removable prosthodontics for over three decades. Numerous studies prove that an implant-assisted overdenture delivers increased stability and retention and an improvement in quality of life.

Implant overdentures can be supported by several different attachment systems, such as a bar and clip or individual attachments to each implant. One such individual attachment is the locator. It was originally developed to help clinicians address the improper seating of overdentures and to further customize the levels of retention.

The locator abutment has been a staple of removable appliances because it is effective and a reasonably costing alternative to an implant-supported fixed restoration. Improvements in the abutment design and the attachment elements have made this treatment highly successful. The placement of the abutment, as well as the selection, placement, and replacement of the attachment, is all easy and simple.

Getting Started with Denture Locators

If you are currently using traditional dentures or need a treatment to replace multiple lost teeth, then denture locator implants securing an overdenture might be the best choice for you. Before you can pursue this restoration option, you will need to have an in-depth dental examination and consultation to discuss your goals, your health history, and all available options, with your dentist.

You will need a customized personal plan that meets your needs and takes into consideration all the factors that determine what the best approach will be to replace your lost teeth. During your consultation, your dentist will share and describe your potential options, including the possible advantages and disadvantages that they may offer for you and your lifestyle. It is important to review and consider all the available options and make the choice that is appropriate for you.

To start the process of evaluating your choices, contact your dentist to arrange your examination and consultation. They will provide answers to all the questions you might have regarding denture locator implants, overdentures, or any other treatments that you might be considering.

There will be mechanical implications that need to be continually addressed. Mechanical issues associated with implant overdentures include the loss of retention, the need for relines, and any necessary repair of the acrylic denture base and the artificial teeth. The most common issue encountered is normal wear, and the only solution is the replacement of that element.

The Life Expectancy of Locator Abutments

It is recommended that locator abutments be replaced every three years. Although it may not be necessary for you, it is a viable guideline to follow.

The repair and replacement of the locator abutments is not time consuming; the cost is low and most of the procedures necessary are done right in the dental office. It is best for you to understand when you initiate the treatment that maintenance is required.

Identifying the specific intervals for your long-term care will be personalized for you with a recognition of the importance of a lifelong commitment by you to the restoration.

What is an Implant Locator?