How Long Do Zirconia Crowns last?

A dental crown can help give you the functional ability of your teeth back. It can repair or cover teeth used to chew and grind harder foods. It can also be used to repair teeth in order to give you your smile back. If the crown is fitted properly, bonded well, and has no construction issues, there is evidence that a Zirconia Crown could last the life of the patient.


Zirconia is a metal oxide derived from Zirconium. However it is considered a full-ceramic material. It has the hardness of a metal, and the biocompatibility of a ceramic. Zirconia has no adverse reactions to the biochemistry of your body, and is completely safe. Because of the hardness and durability of Zirconia, cracks and breaks are rarely recorded. When Zirconia implants do break, it is usually due to either poor material handling, or improper thickness. In relative thickness comparison, Zirconia is stronger than most other implant materials. At 1.5 mm thickness, monolithic Zirconia is almost twice as strong in load bearing comparison to a porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown.

Are you caring for your crown properly

To understand how long a crown lasts, you first need to understand how to care for it, and when it may need to be replaced.

  • Firstly, are you caring for it properly?
  • Are you brushing at least two times a day? After meals?
  • Are you attending your Dental Checkups? Maintaining a regular cleaning/inspection schedule?
  • Are you flossing? Floss as often as you need to, but at least once a day. If you are uncomfortable flossing, talk with your dentist. There are many kinds of floss, and it can be uncomfortable at first. If you are not used to it your gums will bleed, but it will stop with regular flossing.

Next you should understand signs that your implant or crown needs to be replaced.

Is your crown painful- If you are experiencing pain in your tooth or jaw, it is probably a sign that something is wrong. This could be a compromised crown, or it could simply be fitted improperly. If you experience any pain in your mouth, it makes sense to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Even if it is not centered around your crown, it could be a bonding or fitting problem affecting your jaw.
Does the crown look like your tooth- If the crown does not look correct, or if it has a chipped exterior, it is time to replace it.
Is the Crown loose- Can you feel movement when chewing? We all know that loose tooth feeling, if something doesn’t feel right, schedule a dental appointment.

When it comes to the crown itself Zirconia is an immensely strong material. If there is some mechanical malfunction it is probably due to the thickness or handling of the material. Zirconia Implants have a lifespan for between 10-20+ years. With proper care and regular maintenance there it is entirely possible that the crown or implant will last the lifetime of the patient.

Can Zirconia Crowns Crack?