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How much do implant-supported dentures cost?

Implant-supported dentures are one of the more costly options for restoring your mouth but they are also the most secure and aesthetically pleasing. The overall health of the patient, the extent of the restoration, the experience of your doctor, and the materials used are all factors that affect the overall cost of your implant-supported denture. Here, we will discuss those cost affecting factors and a little more detail.

Cost of Implant-Supported Dentures

  • The type of denture you are receiving will determine the number of implants that you will need to have placed. A partial denture may only require two implants whereas a full denture can require 4 to 6 implants per arch, typically referred to as an All-on-4 (or 6).
  • The type of implants that your case requires can also affect the overall cost of treatment. A titanium implant can cost between $1600 and $2200 each. Mini dental implants run between $500 and $1500 each and are not as wide as traditional implants, therefore they are not appropriate for bigger cases. They can be used for patients who do not have sufficient jawbone density, such as patients with osteoporosis, to support traditional implants.
  • The patient may require preparatory surgeries before they can have implants placed. A bone graft is one type of preparatory surgery that is used for patients who do not have enough supporting jawbone structure. A bone graft can cost anywhere from $600-$2600 per site. A bone graft usually has to fully heal before the implant can be placed though occasionally, the implant and bone graft can be done at the same time. Patients suffering from periodontal disease have to complete periodontal treatment and be fully healed before implants can be placed, otherwise, the implants may fail.
  • The materials used to fabricate the dental prosthesis also change the overall cost. A lower quality denture can be obtained for $300 whereas a denture of higher quality can run as high as $10,000. If you want your denture to be comfortable and natural-looking, a higher quality denture will serve you better.
  • Finally, who performs your implant placement and dental restoration will be a huge determining factor in the overall cost of your denture. A doctor with a lot of experience is always going to be higher priced than one or who is new to the game. You may consider using a continuing education program or finding a dental school that could handle your case.

Dental Insurance and Financing Option

Before you begin treatment, it is important to understand your dental insurance benefits as well as your medical insurance benefits. Sometimes, Dentists can submit a claim on your behalf to your medical insurance for implant placement surgery. You may also consider spreading your treatment out over The course of two calendar years so that you can take advantage of your benefits for two years.

Financing may also be available to you through your dental office or through a third-party financing company which can help reduce the pressure of out-of-pocket expenses. Your dental office will provide you with a treatment plan detailing the cost of your treatment so when you receive that, discuss financing options so that you are prepared when it is time for treatment.

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