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How Long Facelifts Last

Facelifts continue to be popular for a good reason. The results can be impactful and last for quite a while. Below are responses to common questions for patients who are contemplating a facelift huntersville nc procedure.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures which include Botox and dermal fillers are some of the most requested procedures in the country. They considerably outnumber the amount of surgical procedures requested such as facelifts.

Facelifts continue to be popular and for good reasons. The results are noticeable and can last for years. Results which are achieved through minimally invasive procedures typically last for months at a time. Below are some common answers to questions for patients who are contemplating a facelift procedure.

Good facelift candidate

There is not a specific age or profile for patients who are ideal candidates for a facelift. Facelifts are very personal and there are various factors which should be considered in the evaluation such as age, body type, size and expectations.

Surgery and recovery time

The duration of surgery largely depends on the extent of the procedure and varies from patient to patient. In some cases, mini-facelifts are completed in less than two hours. Standard facelifts typically take three to four hours, however, the surgery can take up to six hours when it is combined another type of surgery such as an eyelift. A facelift is a relatively superficial operation because it does not require any bones to be broken.

Recovery times for patients can differ. In most cases, the noticeable swelling will subside within a few weeks. Many patients return to work and normal activities in about two weeks. To ensure your face is healed prior to any special occasions, it is encouraged to schedule the surgery at least a month prior to any events.

Change in appearance

Many patients share that following the procedure, they look refreshed. A well done facelift helps patients to look younger and not different. The goal of an ideal facelift is to look natural.

One critical factor in ensuring you still look like yourself after the surgery is to carefully select your surgeon.

Facelift risks

Facelifts are a relatively safe procedure when they are performed by a well-trained and competent physician. A competent physician is sound in evaluation, judgment and overall surgical technique. As with any surgery, facelift procedures can involve some risks. The risk of infection is possible, but rarely occurs as the face is abundant with a blood supply. Postoperative bleeding can also result in hematomas, which can require the patient to returns to the operating room.

Healing is usually straightforward, unless the patient is a smoker. Any nerve damage that occurs is usually temporary. The frequency of these risks is closely related to the surgeon's abilities. However, these risks can still exist, even in the operating room of the best surgeon.

Facelift vs. fillers

The use of fillers is a temporary solution which adds volume to deflated tissues. Liquid facelifts, which involves injecting a large amount of fillers to eliminate soft tissue redundancies, was popular until it was realized that it often resulted in a swollen and bloated appearance.

The results of a facelift often last for years. The longevity of the procedure depends on numerous factors including the skin’s quality, any significant weight changes and environmental factors which can include excessive sun exposure.

While fillers are not interchangeable with facelifts, they can definitely compliment the procedure. The aging face often benefits from both treatment options to help patients keep a youthful, full appearance.

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