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How Painful is a Chin Implant?

A chin augmentation at lake norman oral and facial surgery or implant is a procedure that increases the size and shape of the chin. The procedure is typically completed using an implant, however, a chin augmentation can also be performed adjusting the bones of the chin.

When a patient’s profile is viewed, the projection of the chin plays a critical role in balancing out the forehead and nose. A smaller chin can the nose the appearance of being large. Conversely, a larger chin can give the nose the appearance of being smaller. From the front, a short or small chin gives the face the appearance of being top-heavy.

Other Procedures

It is common for a surgeon to perform a chin implant on its own. Some patients, however, chose to have the procedure done alongside other surgeries. Patients who receive a chin implant rarely come to the surgeon specifically requesting the procedure. They may come with the complaint that their jawline or neck looks weak in their profile. They may also think that their nose looks out of proportion for their face. Determining the issue with the patient’s chin often occurs at the consultation. Many patients who receive chin augmentation also want to have a facelift or a neck lift. Some patients who have a double chin will also receive liposuction of their neck. In addition, some patients who initially visit the plastic surgeon to treat a bump on their nose, end up having their nose done along with the chin.

Chin Augmentation and the Appearance of the Neck

When the projection of the chin is increased, the neck has the appearance of being more angular, leaner, and more youthful. Some patients who initially believe that they need a neck lift, are better suited for a chin implant. This can either be performed alone or in addition to a neck lift procedure. As the skin of the neck is distracted forward even slightly by a chin implant, the skin underneath the jaw becomes tighter.

The chin plays an important role in giving the face symmetry and balance. While men who have stronger and squarer chins are considered more attractive, a symmetrical and balanced chin is important for both men and women. People who have weak chins do not appear as healthy, fit, or energetic. Strong chins give patients a better overall appearance and improve their self-confidence. The role of the chin in balancing the nose and forehead are critical in achieving ideal facial proportions.

The nose and the chin both balance on top of the lips. A large nose can make an otherwise normal chin look small and a small chin can make an otherwise normal nose appear too big.

Chin Augmentation Anesthesia

Chin augmentations is typically performed using local anesthesia, local anesthesia with IV sedation, or under general anesthesia. Even though the patient does not actually experience pain, it can be unnerving to feel the implant being placed along the jawbone during surgery. A majority of chin augmentation patients undergo the surgery under a light general anesthesia. Patients typically wake right up immediately after the procedure and do not experience nausea or other side effects from the anesthetic.

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