Locator Denture Cost

If you have missing teeth or are tired of dealing with the issues of your traditional dentures, overdentures will offer a more permanent solution that improves your natural smile while also helping to support your bone health.

Your dentist will understand the qualifying factors and can offer a more permanent treatment solution. Overdentures are becoming a preferred restoration for missing teeth and still provide normal facial support.

What are Overdentures?

An overdenture is a denture appliance that is supported by dental implants. Unlike conventional dentures, these are stabilized and secured in place by at least four dental implants. The tray with artificial crowns is held in place by attaching to the dental implants, eliminating dental adhesives. This allows you to eat and speak without any slippage.

The placement of the implants in the jaw to support these overdentures also dramatically helps to maintain bone health. The stimulation by these artificial roots keeps the jawbone healthy and reduces the risk of facial collapse.

How Much Do Overdentures Cost?

The cost for overdentures will vary depending on your location, the dentist, and your situation. Implants can average between $1,000 and $3,000 per implant. You will need a minimum of four to six implants. On average, an overdenture could range from $6,500 and $22,500, depending on the number of implants will be necessary for stabilization and the retention design chosen.

The Different Types of Overdentures

Overdentures come in a variety of options depending on your need and budget. They can be permanently fixed in place or can be removable. All options offer a more stable alternative to traditional dentures, improving your overall oral health, and helping to prevent bone loss.

  • Fixed Implant Supported- With a fixed implant-supported overdenture, your dentist surgically places four to six implants into your jaw and then attaches the overdenture with screws. This is a permanent restoration, and it can only be removed by your dentist. This is the most secure treatment option. This is also the most expensive option.
  • Implant supported- Your dentist places four to six implants into your jawbone with this option. Instead of being fixed into place, the overdenture now attaches to the implants with a specialized connection that locks the appliance on to the implants. These can now be removed at the end of the day, like traditional dentures. This option is easier to clean and is a less expensive solution.
  • Ball retained implant supported- The ball retained implant-supported overdenture is quite often the best option for your lower jaw because it will provide stability with as few as two implants. The denture snaps on the implants with a ball-shaped abutment.
  • Bar retained implant supported- The bar-retained overdenture is another removable option. Instead of connecting individually to each implant, a bar connects the implants providing additional stability. The appliance connects to this bar, holding it snuggly in place.
  • Partial overdentures- Partial overdentures are a removable option for replacing a few missing teeth. They work like the other options in that the partial denture is secured by one or more implants. This allows for stability while still removing it to allow for better cleaning of your denture and your natural teeth.

What is a Locator Attachment?