Natural Looking Dental Implant

Choosing a means of tooth replacement can be a difficult task, and at the top of many people’s minds are aesthetic concerns. Yes, dental implants are durable and reliable, but will they look natural? It’s not an uncommon question! The answer, happily, is that yes, dental implants can and do look very natural in one’s mouth. In fact, you would likely be hard pressed to pick the wearer of dental implants out of a crowd, or even a group of friends or family members that you see every day!

The Hidden Structure of a Dental Implant

The same three-piece structure that lends the incredible strength and durability of dental implants is also, perhaps surprisingly, what makes them so attractive. The base support of a dental implant is provided by the implant fixture, a small (usually titanium or zirconium) post that is embedded directly into the jawbone, below the gumline. This is placed during a routine surgical procedure, and once the tissues have healed, the implant fixture is not visible as it remains below the gums.

A small connecting piece called an abutment is then placed on the implant fixture. While this part of the dental implant in fact protrudes above the gumline, it is covered with the implant prosthetic itself; once this final piece is placed, all that one sees is the prosthetic tooth falling in line with those around it.

Color Matching and Shaping

Because the prosthetic teeth are made of special dental materials that can be color shaded and molded into precise shapes, your dentist will be able to color match your new replacement tooth or teeth with your existing teeth to ensure a good match in terms of color, size, and shape. Whether you’re replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or every single one of your teeth, a good dentist will take the time to ensure that you are happy with the color and design of your prosthetics. Many dentists today have their own lab in-house, which means that they can actually make these custom pieces themselves.

Natural Function

Not only are dental implants carefully designed to look completely natural, they are also able to mimic the natural function of one’s teeth much better than any other existing tooth replacement technology available today. Due to the ways in which the implant fixture mimics the roots of one’s teeth deep in the jawbone, the teeth and appliances supported by dental implants are very strong, allowing for much more diversity of foods that are able to be enjoyed. This is in marked contrast to conventional dentures, for example, which not only don’t have the same natural appearance as dental implants, but which furthermore are not nearly as functional in terms of bite and chewing power.

Variability in Quality of Dental Implants

While dental implants can and do look completely natural, not all dental implants are the same. Take care to choose a dentist who does quality work instead of simply choosing the best deal or lowest price. Remember, dental implants are designed to last for many years, and you get what you pay for. While saving a little money might seem attractive now, keep in mind that you’ll be living with the result and seeing it in your own smile. If quality and attractive appearance matter to you, choose your dentist wisely, and ask questions about how she or he will work to ensure a natural, attractive appearance that will increase the value of your investment.

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