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Is a Rhinoplasty Painful?

huntersville Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed for patients who wish to change the shape of their nose. It is often completed to improve appearances, fix a birth defect or help patients breathe better.

Following surgery, you may have stitches or staples in the incisions. Stitches that are inside the nose and mouth will typically dissolve on their own. If staples are used, the doctor will remove them in the first week following surgery. A bandage is used to cover your nose. The doctor may use a plastic or plaster splint in order to protect and help maintain the new shape of your nose. You may also have a "nasal drip pad" placed under your nostrils which will collect any blood drips. Your doctor will teach you how to change the pad, if applicable. Packing material may be placed inside your nose in order to reduce the bleeding and swelling. The packing material and nasal drip pad are typically removed within two days following the surgery. The splint is usually removed within a week.

It is common for your nose to be bruised and swollen. Some patients also get dark bruises around their eyes. Most of the swelling will be gone in three to four weeks. You will likely experience some pain in your nose and may also have a headache.

It is possible that your nose may be stuffy and you could have temporary trouble with breathing. In addition, the skin on the tip of your nose may feel numb. As the feeling begins to return, you may have some itching or shooting pain.

If the surgery required for bones to be broken, you will need to be careful and avoid any injuries to your nose for a few months. You should have a good idea what your nose will look like in three to four weeks. The healing can take up to a year before you see the final result.

Below are some guidelines regarding how to care for yourself once you are home. It is important to understand that everyone is different and the below timelines provide a general idea regarding expected recovery times. Taking extra precautions will help ensure you have a quick and successful recovery.

  • Rest when you feel tired. Be careful not to jump back into your routine and overdo it. Ensure that you get sufficient sleep.
  • Keep your head elevated for several days following the surgery. Sleep with your head raised by using a few pillows.
  • Try to walk daily, however listen to your body and take breaks as needed.
  • Most patients need to take about a week off from work. This may vary based on the type of work you do and your recovery.
  • Avoid strenuous activities like riding a bicycle, jogging, lifting weights or aerobic exercise for two to three weeks or until your doctor gives you the approval to return to normal activities.
  • Ask your doctor when you are able to drive again.
  • Do not blow your nose for at least a week after surgery. Gently wipe your nose with a tissue, as needed. If you feel the need to sneeze, ensure that you keep your mouth open.
  • Ask your doctor when you can bend over.
  • Do not rub your nose for eight weeks. Use sunblock on your nose and wear a hat with a wide brim to protect your nose from a sunburn. Be gentle when applying sunblock or makeup.
  • Do not swim for at least a week.


Many patients find that their bowel movements are not regular immediately following surgery. This is common and should not be concerning. It can be helpful to take a daily fiber supplement to help prevent constipation. If you have not had a bowel movement for a few days, follow up with your doctor to discuss taking a mild laxative or stool softener.

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