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How Much Do Cheek Implants Cost?

Cheek implants huntersville nc give body and contour to cheeks which do not have good definition. Individuals who have a weak cheek structure, a flat or narrow face, or those who have lost cheek contour from the effects of aging can benefit from the aesthetic improvements that cheek augmentation can offer. Cheek surgery is both a relatively simple and affordable solution which makes it an excellent cosmetic solution.

Cheek Bone Implants

Cheek bone implants were first used in 1956 and have a record for being a safe and effective cosmetic facial enhancement. They are created from a variety of different synthetic materials ranging from fairly rigid to extremely flexible. Cheek bone implants are also available in numerous shapes and sizes. They can typically be individually shaped to a patient’s facial structure. Some cheek implants, including those created from silicone, do not integrate with underlying tissue and can be quickly removed in the future if needed. Other cheek bone implants, like those made from hydroxyapatite, integrate with the natural bone tissue and become part of the actual cheek structure. This type of implant is also difficult to remove.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

When cheek implants are placed along with another facial plastic surgery procedure such as a face lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, or eyelid lift, the surgeon can insert the implants through the incisions used for the other procedures. When implants are not used in addition to another plastic surgery treatment, the cheek implants are typically inserted through small incisions made inside the mouth or in the lower eyelids. The implants are placed into small pockets which the surgeon forms in the cheek tissue. The incision is then closed using sutures which are removed in about 10 days. The surgeon may also use dissolvable stitches if they are placed inside the mouth.

Complications and Risks with Cheek Implants

While rare, there can be complications from cheek implants. There is an initial risk of having an adverse reaction to the anesthesia used during the cheek surgery procedure. There is a correlation between anesthesia complications and the use of tobacco, antidepressants, and other substances. It is important to tell your surgeon about any substances you use before surgery.

Following the cheek implant surgery, there can be a risk of infection. This is often treated using an antibiotic. The incorrect placement of a cheek implant can result in shifting which causes asymmetry, and may require a follow up procedure to correctly align the implant. To reduce the risk of complications choosing a well-trained and qualified plastic surgeon for the procedure.

Cheek Implant Cost

As with most surgical procedures, the cost for cheek implants will differ based on various factors such as the surgeon, your geographic location and the type of implant being used. The overall cost for cheek implant surgery typically ranges from about $2,000 to $5,000. Lab fees for blood tests, x-rays, and other costs can all impact the overall price for the procedure.

The cost of cheek implants can be significantly reduced when the procedure is done in addition to other facial plastic surgery procedures. Most surgeons also offer financing options in order to make the procedure possible for most patients.

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