What is a Bar Retained Overdenture?

If you are missing a substantial number of your teeth, it is important to know that you have options for their replacement. One of these choices that your dentist might speak to you about is the Bar Retained Overdenture. The prosthesis on retention bar, or Bar Retained Overdenture, is a dental prosthesis system that allows to replace all the teeth of the lower or upper jaw. It is therefore a solution that has the same objective as a removable prosthesis, more commonly called "denture", and a fixed prosthesis, which is glued to the jaw, but which offers many advantages over these two solutions.

What is a Bar Retained Overdenture?

The principle of fitting a prosthesis on a retention bar is quite simple. The dental surgeon begins by placing four dental implants in the lower jawbone. Once these four have been incorporated by the bone and the gums have healed, the dental specialist will aim a retention bar (or Ackerman bar) on these four implants.

This bar will in fact serve as a support and attachment point for the prosthesis which will reconstitute the dentition of the lower or upper jaw. In fact, in practice, under the prosthesis, there are small clips that hook onto the retention bar to ensure perfect support and placement.

The advantages of a retention bar prosthesis

The retention bar is a popular dental solution because it offers many advantages over other techniques that are proposed to replace all the teeth of a maxilla.

A huge economic benefit

For starters, a retainer bar denture has a huge economic benefit. It is indeed offered at a much lower price than a solution which would require the placement of 6 to 8 implants in the jaw, in order to prepare the placement of a totally fixed prosthesis, which generally comes in the form of 12 to 14 elements.

More stability for more longevity

The principle of fitting a prosthesis on a retention bar makes it possible to rest most of the forces on the bar, which allows the gums to be spared. Indeed, this solution makes it possible to avoid the phenomenon of settling that is usually encountered with traditional prostheses. The prosthesis on retention bar will therefore have a longer life.

A more natural and comfortable prosthesis

The principle of fixing a prosthesis on a retention bar ensures very stable support, which reduces the size of the pink plaque at the base of the prosthesis. It is therefore much more comfortable for the patient and above all makes it possible to obtain a much more natural appearance.

A prosthesis that is easy to maintain

Finally, the retention bar prosthesis has the advantage of being very easy to maintain and therefore very pleasant for you to wear. You may even completely forget that you are wearing a prosthesis, since it does not require any particular maintenance and you will be able to keep it in place continuously. The prosthesis on retention bar does not need to be regularly removed.

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